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6 Day Energizing Personal Yoga Retreat in Tulum, Quintana Roo

Yoga is a group of practices that discipline the body and mind. To engage in these practices, Yoga retreats are held. Yoga retreats are sort of camps where one is away from the hustle and bustle of their busy lives. Here, various forms of yoga are practised under Yoga experts to calm the body and mind. The Mexican state, Quintana Roo is a famous tourist site and is well known for its amazing yoga retreats. In these yoga retreats, various styles of yoga are performed along with proper meditation. These have great accommodation and food facilities. If you are on weeklong holidays, try out these places, you will find them truly refreshing. One of the best Yoga retreats in Quintana Roo is the 6 Day Energizing Personal Yoga Retreat.


The 6 Day Energizing Personal Yoga Retreat in Tribal Tulum will enable you to find yourself. They will help you reflect on your needs and your woes, making you seek happiness from within. They will give you the choice to choose among the various yoga styles, the one which suits you the best. On top of this, varieties of meditation techniques are added to the routine to make it more effective. They will permit you to observe how you feel every day after the practice sessions. They will introduce you to a world-class studio where you will learn with experts. These experts will help you dive deeply into the process and recognize the change in your life when you start hearing to yourself and admiring yourself.


  • People who will reserve classes before reaching the destination will be given preference and also special intensives.
  • Yoga sessions in various forms such as Hatha, Iyengar, Vinyasa Flow, Yin, and Restorative yoga will be held daily.
    15% discount on Scuba Diving, free diving, and snorkelling excursions will be given to all.
  • Supplies like granola, fruit, yoghurt, almond milk, and honey will be provided for you to enjoy a continental breakfast.
  • You will find coffee, tea, and Mayan Honey easily available.
  • You will get 5 nights accommodation in a stunning loft.
  • You will be provided with pure drinking water.
  • There will also be provision for a bike for you to explore the area
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Health And Hygiene

They are a total of 4 apartments. All are very spacious and the warm sunlight peeps in through the windows. Due to the pandemic, we are minimizing contact. We prefer online payment and follow all social distancing norms. The class sizes are reduced to 6 people per group and the teachers are not allowed to go near the participants. Everywhere, social distancing is being maintained. The mats and props required for the yoga sessions are properly cleaned and are left in the sun to dry for proper 3 hours. For cleaning purposes, disinfectants and advised chemicals are used. All equipment, accommodations, laundry, and everything are being disinfected before and after use. Hand sanitisers, masks, and first aid kits are made available for all participants. The staffs also follow all the safety guidelines. For infected covid-19 patients or suspected ones, there is an organized facility for isolation.


The participants are given private loft-style apartments. These are fully furnished with all kitchen materials, coffee maker, blender, etc. The rooms are air-conditioned and there is also free Wi-Fi. You are also provided with a private balcony. You can also opt for an extra bed. These Apartments are near the yoga studio and act as a connection between the brilliant beach and the Pueblo Magico.


This Retreat gives you the upper hand in deciding your day keeping in mind your energy fluctuations and your moods. It gives you the chance to practice yoga in a world-class studio along with various meditative sessions, special intensives, and workshops. They have great certified instructors who give the best to ease the process of yoga for you. Along with the various yoga styles, they also arrange special classes like karate wall ropes classes and myofascial role and release. For some extra charges, the teachers even provide extra private classes. Nearby, there is also a dive centre, Aquatic Tulum where participants can enjoy Scuba Diving and free diving. You can also go snorkelling. In these three fun activities, you will be given a 15% discount by the retreat. You can also arrange for tours to Mayan archaeological sites and also venture into the jungle. You can extend your holiday by roaming on the beaches and also traverse into the underground Caves. The area is full of beautiful birds, so bird watchers will have a lovely time here. You can get spa treatments here with a wide range of massages. This yoga retreat allows you to be away from your fast lifestyle and relax and refresh amidst nature.

Retreat Location

The Yoga retreat is situated at tribal Tulum. Here, you will find a world-class yoga studio along with brilliant experts to learn from. You will be residing in one of the four stunning lofty apartments situated on the bike path joining the beach and the pueblo. This is just a little away from exotic views of beaches, caves, and heritage sites.


The kitchen is furnished with all kitchenware, giving you the liberty to cook the meal of your choice as meals are not included in the plan. Drinking water, coffee, and tea are included. However, you have plenty of food options to try out nearby. You can take a look at the dazzling restaurants along the road to the beach.

This yoga retreat focuses on you and your life. It pushes you to leave behind your baggage of stress and attain peace at heart and mind. It rekindles your exhaust energy and brings your sleeping self to life. It is a perfect combination of discipline and fun. All you need to do is get away from your daily lives and venture into this journey of bliss.

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